Murray of Atholl Modern Hand Knotted Tartan Sash

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We have designed this sash to complete a formal outfit or wedding dress. Rather than the 8oz springwreight or lightweight sashes we have made this from 13oz mediumweight to give it more volume and structure. We feel this shows of the three knotted fringe better. We have also made this sash a bit wider than the other sashes we sell.

This sash is 90 inches long and round 12 inches wide with a 6 inch hand knotted fringe on both ends.

It can be worn diagonally or like in the photo and works well with a plaid brooch.

If you can't see the tartan you want or need any help please contact

Please note this is custom made and the hand knotting takes time, please allow around 3 weeks to have this made.

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