Durie Heavy weight Hand Stitched Kilt - SPECIAL WEAVE

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We are currently organising a special weave of Durie Tartan in heavyweight. Please note the weave of this will take around 12 weeks.

You can also leave a deposit to book your tartan as there will be a limited number of kilts we can made from this weave.

From this cloth we will be hand stitching you a traditionally made kilt.

We pride ourselves in making the best quality kilts available.

This kilt will be made from 8 yards of tartan and come with matching flashes. We will help you take your measurements and make sure everything is correct.

We can make a kilt to a specific date, usually we ask for around 5/6 weeks to make a kilt. Please contact support@scotclans.com if you have any questions.

How to take measurements
Taking your measurements Measurements are quite simple to take and we will check them over before making your kilt.
You will need someone else to measure you. Stand straight looking forward while they take your measurements.

Kilt Waist: This is taken around the 'natural waist'. This needs to be quite a tight measurement, the natural waist is usually around the level of the belly button.

Kilt Seat: This is a loose measurement taken around the widest part - so usually the widest part of the bottom. The tape measure needs to be quite loose for this - a good idea is to keep 3 fingers inside the tape measure.

Kilt Length: Still standing straight, looking forward measure from 1 inch above the natural waist (so belly button level) straight down to the middle of the knee. Bending the knee slightly can reveal where the middle of the knee is.

We can help you with the measurements, please email support@scotclans.com or give us a ring.

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